Why Choose WOWtalk
WOWtalk as the training brand of ManpowerGroup's Language & Workforce Development Department,provides multidimensional, multi-leveled, and diverse vocational training and development projects for business organizations, as well as individuals, through ManpowerGroup's global teaching resources network,helping business persons to develop effective business language, to improve business skills, to acquire the latest business information; empowering organizations to attract, train, and retain elite employees.
  • Effective Business Language Services

    Comprehensive Language Testing

    Interactive Language Training

    Accurate Translation Services

  • Practical Workplace-Skills Cultivation

    Workplace Adaptability for New Employees

    Transcultural Business Interaction Skills and Knowledge

    Improved Team Communication

  • Modern Business School Courses

    Innovative Leadership Course

    Potential Elite Management Course

    Human Resources and Innovative Strategies Course

  • Language training 语言培训
    WOWtalk is a professional language-training enterprise that uses a unique four-step SMART learning process to provide Business English training for corporate team-members and team-leaders in enterprising organizations.

    Flexibility7/24 online study flexibility with 1-on-1 courses available

    InteractionOnline professional global tutors focusing on contemporary workplace-topics and employable skills

    EfficiencyMobile classrooms, multiple-ends smartphone classrooms; mixed learning methods both online and offline

  • Career Skills 职场技能
    A leader in skill-development courses! Providing systematic, high-quality vocational-development training and learning programs for organizations and individuals, matching personal career-goals and organizational development strategies

    DiversityCovering multiple industries including Finance, Internet, Retail and Human Resources management

    Exemplary CasesFocusing on real-world needs for enterprising organizations through development of practical business skills

    ProspectusCombining the WEF " Top 10 Essential Vocational Skills in 2020 " -- breaking through the conventional training dead-zone

  • Career Skills 商学院课程
    Creating a people-oriented business school project: training into global business-trends, helping organizations to develop internationally able work-environments, enhancing organizational elite-progress strategies

    BreadthCombining world-famous entrepreneurs and experts, sharing hot-spots in real-time

    FocusFocusing on key business opportunities and contemporary commercial trends

    DepthAnalyzing organizational challenges through actual business-world cases, studying the operational methods of successful enterprises

Course-Track Specialization
WOWtalk has more than 1,000 distinct sets of online Business English Skills courses:
More than 800 sets of Vocational Skills classes;WOWtalk integrates global vocational education resources, drawing from ManpowerGroup's more than 70 years of Human Resources Development experience,Utilizing advanced online-study technology to systematically, authoritatively, and professionally develop employee-performance.
  • Organization-Serving
  • Customizing
  • Focusing Effects
  • Self-Management
  • Teamwork
  • The Executive Force
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Systematization
  • Authority
  • Specialties
HR Training Project Management Platform Platform Tools
  • PC Platform
  • Smart-Phone Platform
  • WeChat Platform
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